I’m Killian and I’m a SEO consultant based in Hong Kong. I’m French and I help companies in France, Hong Kong, China to achieve better rankings in Google or Baidu in order to make sure that they get more organic trafic.

  • I do search engine optimisation (SEO) since 2008 and I got few international experiences: France, Spain, Bulgaria, Hong Kong.
  • I’m living in Hong Kong since January 2014 and I was SEO manager for iProspect Hong Kong and Lane Crawford before switching full time to my own company, Get Clicks Limited.
  • I love SEO, it’s a real passion, so I also have some niche sites to test some tricks and I used to take part in some SEO contest in the past.
  • I provide full SEO services (Audit, Strategy, Keyword Research, Optimisations, Competitive Analysis, Performance Report…). You can find more details about the services I provide below.
  • You can also visit Get Clicks Hong Kong or Get Clicks France, or you contact me directly on Whatsapp (+852 6024 5395), or you can use the form below to get a free SEO consultation over the phone so we can have a chat about your project and your objectives.

SEO Services HK

What is SEO?

SEO means search engine optimisation and aims at making sure that your website will match search engine ranking criteria so that they will rank your pages higher in search results.

How SEO works?

To rank the pages, search engines use various criteria :

  • Technical : Search engines need to be able to scan the pages so that they can save them into databases and Internet users will be able to find them when they are searching for something in Google.
  • Semantic : Search engines must understand the topics of your pages which means that relevant keywords should be implemented in the right tags (title tags, headings, content, internal links, ALT Tags…).
  • Popularity : Since search engines scan the whole Internet, they will discover links from websites to your pages. Seen as votes, the backlinks will help your pages to have better rankings in search results.
how does seo works

How does SEO work?

These three areas will involve various teams within your company. My goal here is to make sure that your pages are compliant with search engines ranking algorithms so that I can make your pages more visible in search results. I also make sure that the recommendations I provide are implemented by the different teams. Need some help?

SEO Services HK

Why SEO important?

SEO is important for any business because Internet users type keyword in search engine and they mainly click the first results. If your pages are not visible enough, users will click on your competitors.

CTR in search results

The higher you are, the more SEO traffic you get

According to recent surveys, jumping from position 2 to the first one results in twice the traffic. For instance, if a keyword is researched 10 000 times a month, the website ranked in position one will roughly get 3000 visits while the second will attack 1500 visits. Are you ready to get more traffic?

SEO Services HK

How to do SEO in Hong Kong?

SEO in Hong Kong is quite specific because Google provides three different local versions (English, Mandarin and Cantonese) which implies that if your company wants to cover the whole market, the website needs to be translated and optimised for each language.

how to rank in Google Hong Kong

Google Hong Kong offers three local versions

Note that Hong Kong users are also searching through various search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and other Chinese search engines. Of course, feel free to reach me if you have projects in Hong Kong or China.

SEO Services HK

What SEO services do you propose?

I propose SEO consulting services that will help your pages to perform better in search results and I only use white hat techniques that will respect search engines guidelines.

In terms of deliverables, here are the SEO services that I can provide:

  • SEO Audit : To find solutions to the issues that prevent your site to rank.
  • SEO Requirements : To ensure that your new site will be SEO-friendly.
  • Keyword Research : To find relevant keywords to your business.
  • On-Page Optimisations : To ensure that your content is SEO-friendly.
  • Backlink Audit : To highlight savvy ways to communicate online.
  • Content Marketing & Copywriting : To create new landing pages.
  • Performance Reports : To follow the rankings in search results.
  • Log analysis : To analyse how search engines crawl your pages.
  • Landing Pages Analysis : To understand how users browse your site.
  • Penalty Removal : To remove penalty you might have had.
  • Competitor Analysis : To compare your website to your competitors.
  • Local SEO : To help your site to rank on local queries and Google Maps.
  • International SEO : To make your multilingual site SEO-friendly.
  • SEO Trainings : To share my knowledge about SEO with your teams.
  • English, Chinese, French SEO

SEO Services HK

Besides enhancing your website to have better rankings, the SEO services I propose can help you working on the following areas:

  • Creating a content roadmap
  • Improving your internal links strategy
  • Defining a site’s structure that will match user’s intents
  • Helping your brand to enter new markets (eg. in France or in Hong Kong)
  • Improving your rankings on Google Maps

Who are your clients?

My clients are companies in Hong Kong, France and China Some of them are entrepreneur, SMB or larger companies that are working in various sectors:

  • E-commerce
  • NGO
  • Call Center
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Newspappers
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Food & Beverages

As SEO Consultant or during my previous roles, I had the opportunity to work on various sectors so I have an extensive knowledge about various industries and I would be happy to help you reaching the next step. If you want to discuss about your digital marketing projects, use the form below.

SEO Services HK

Can you guarantee great SEO rankings?

Google clearly states it in its guidelines : No agency or SEO consultant can guarantee for sure that your website will rank.

google guidelines

Google Guidelines about #1 ranking

However, I can guarantee that :

  • If your objectives are realistic.
  • If you have the required budget to reach them.
  • If we implement the recommendations that I will provide.

Then we will be able to improve your organic traffic. SEO takes times but following the advices of your agency or consultant will lead to more traffic.

Do you have case studies

I can send over the case studies. Feel free to contact me for that.

However, here are two case studies based on personal websites.

SEO rankings for a highly competitive niche

I run a personal website within the poker industry. The strategy is quite straightforward : publish interesting content and have a SEO-friendly website. It means that the whole site is optimised and I have also added some free games to improve the experience. While this industry is highly competitive, the SEO strategy here is sustainable and content oriented.

rankings evolution

Evolution of the rankings based on SEMrush data

In case you want to achieve great rankings too, feel free to reach me.

SEO Services HK

SEO Contest

Actually, this website was dedicated to a SEO contest named « Sentimancho », held in France in 2012. There were plenty of SEOs who were trying to win this contest so it was quite interesting to see different tricks.

The goal was ranking the site for the query « Sentimancho », on a dedicated Datacenter. Wheresthegame.net did not win but reach the Top10 (#5).

Good experience.

sentimancho classement

I want a reliable SEO company in Hong Kong

Then you are visiting the right page! Have a look at Get Clicks reviews on Google Maps.



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